Top300 Testimonials

KPMG Zambia’s Senior Partner and CEO, Jason Kazilimani, has stated that “at KPMG, one of our focal points is turning knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients. This is why we are collaborating with Topco Media to develop what is likely to become the authoritative guide on the Top300 Companies in Zambia.”

Globally, KPMG is an international leader in the provision of audit, accounting, advisory and tax services with operations in more than 150 countries worldwide. KPMG and Topco Media have forged a strong business relationship in the past, with a vision to continue in the future.


“Topco Media offers a strategic medium which helped place PPC to the attention of the targeted key stakeholders. Soon after the publication was distributed PPC was mentioned a number of times by key stakeholders with a great sense of knowledge and awareness about the work PPC is doing around socio-economic development. Thank you for providing us the platform.”

– Performance & Transformation,
PPCSello Helepi, Director Organizational


This publication plays an important role in encouraging and promoting empowerment in our country and we are honoured that our own empowerment efforts have been recognized. It is by recognizing and highlighting the achievements of transformed companies, that we build awareness around the importance of transformation within businesses.”

– Piet Faber
Chief Executive, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs